A Year in Travel Pictures, 2014 – September (Part I)

September was the time of our two-week long family vacation to Greece. We visited three islands of the Dodekanese archipelago: Kos, Nisyros, and Tilos. Kos is very crowded, developed, and popular with tourists from Northern Europe, but luckily it is much less so in September and it still has some beautiful spots. Nisyros and especially Tilos are much different: small, remote, and quiet. On them, you can savour the real atmosphere of a vacation in the Greek islands.

It was on Kos that me and my friend Massi came up with the idea of leading workshops in Greece and laid down the bases of what has become Mediterranean Photo Tours. Have you checked out our website already?

Mandraki Sunset

The Square


The Phantom Ship

Panagia Spilianì

Moonrise at Agios Stephanos

In September, I also took a trip to Donegal County, Ireland, for a long weekend of shooting with some good friends, but if I show you those picture here, you might risk an overdose of beauty, so I am splitting the September post in two. Stay tuned for more to come!

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