My Streets

My Streets

I blame it on the purchase of the Fuji X100s, but I’ve recently started getting seriously into street photography, especially after having joined The Arcanum and being accepted in the street photography group of that excellent mentor, Valérie Jardin.

So in the last few months, I’ve collected quite a number of images that belong to the genre, at least according to me. Some people will probably disagree with this assessment and I’ve met my share of anally retentive people who seem to think street photography is defined by very restrictive rules (“you can’t use a telephoto lens” seriously?) but I don’t care.

This is the first time I’m sharing some of those images as a gallery and in doing so I realized that it’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever pay to have one of those printed and hung on their living room’s wall, so I might as well give them away for free, in exchange for attribution and a link. I therefore resolved to release all of them under a Creative Commons license and precisely the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. What this means is that you are basically free to use those images as you like, provided that it’s not for commercial purposes and that you provide proper attribution and like back to the page where you got the image from.

Consider this an experiment. If these images get some usage, I might extend this licensing to others. Stay tuned for more additions to this gallery, I’ve got the street photography bug!

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  1. Martin Pickles at 10:54 am

    You have a valid point that there is not much likelihood of anybody buying these images for their wall and it is therefore a good idea to make them available for free. I too blame the fuji X100s and will investigate the ‘ Creative Commons license’. Thaks for the comment.