The Candid Frame Interview

The Candid Frame LogoI am sure most of you know about The Candid Frame, Ibarionex Perello’s venerable podcast about photography. Over the course of more than 250 episodes, Ibarionex has interviewed almost as many great photographers and industry experts.

So I had to pinch myself when I received an invitation from Ibarionex to be a guest on his show. I can say I was surprised and greatly honored by it.

Ibarionex is such a great interviewer and he asks all the right questions. You will certainly agree with me, if you listen to the podcast episode that has just been released. We talked about travel, photographing in your own backyard, inspiration, gear, and other topics.

Now whether I was able to provide good answers to his great questions, you’ll have to judge by yourself 🙂

You can listen to the interview from this web page: The Candid Frame #264 – Ugo Cei or subscribe to The Candid Frame on iTunes.