The State of Mirrorless, Ep. 7 – Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash is not only Google’s Global Photos Products Evangelist, but a very competent photographer and, as of recent, the author of a free e-book about his journey from being a DSLR-toting landscape photographer, to being a Sony A7 shooter and a proud member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery program.

It was therefore just natural that we asked him to be our guest for an episode of The State or Mirrorless, our ongoing series of interviews with photographers and industry experts about the world of mirrorless camera systems.

During the show, hosted me and Mathieu Gasquet, we discussed Brian’s job at Google, his career as a photographer, his choice of gear, and his most recent book. If you are considering a mirrorless camera system, you would definitely benefit from hearing Brian’s insights and by downloading his e-book, Moving to Mirrorless, that you can get freely from