The Traveling Image Makers Have A New Home

The Traveling Image Makers Have A New Home

The Traveling Image MakersThis announcement is a bit overdue, but I wanted to be sure everything was setup to run smoothly before making it.

The Traveling Image Makers podcast is now hosted at and all future episodes will be only published there.

I think this was the right thing to do, since the podcast has its own identity and having the episodes on here, together with all the other stuff, was just too confusing. Now you can just head to the homepage of the site and see at at glance the ten most recent episodes, each one with its own player. So you can listen to ten interviews without even moving away from that page.

If you were subscribed to the podcast on iTunes or consuming the RSS feed using any other app, there is nothing you have to do, because the old feed is automatically redirected to the new domain. In case you find this is not the case and need to update the subscription manually, the new feed is at

Since yesterday, the podcast is also available on Stitcher at

All the episodes up to and including #10 are still linked from here, but if you try to open the corresponding posts, you will be redirected automatically to the version on the new website.

I hope this move will make it easier for you to keep following The Traveling Image Makers. You can even choose to be notified of new episodes by email, if you wish.

Happy Listening!

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